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Hi There.

We're the McMurdie Family.

Now more than ever, we feel that it is important to know where your food comes from and how it was raised. One way that you can do that, is to build a relationship and get to know your local farmer/ranchers. 

So, we thought we'd share a little bit about us.

We are third generation farmers and ranchers located in Northern Utah on the Idaho border. We have four boys who keep us on our toes and having fun. Although we do enjoy the rare opportunity to get off the farm and ranch, most of our time is spent farming and ranching. Although this lifestyle is full of challenges and lots of work, we truly cherish the lifestyle we get to live. 

A few years ago, we felt the need to change our farming and ranching practices to align with the principles of regenerative agriculture and soil health in order to improve our land and create a healthier product. As we have made these changes to our operation, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our soil health. As a result, our crops and beef are healthier which results in a healthier, more nutrient dense product for our consumers.

Our Story

  A few years ago, after a particularly difficult year, we began to analyze our cattle operation. Beef in the grocery store had skyrocketed while beef sales for us was at an all-time low. Additionally, there was also a global beef shortage. It didn't make sense to us.  After sitting down together and figuring out how we could make it another year, we decided to try selling beef directly to the consumer. We wanted to cut out the middleman that made buying beef in the store so much more expensive as well as keep a steady supply of local beef available. Our goal was to provide the highest quality, regenerative beef to our consumers at an affordable price. We'd been selling beef shares to neighbors for generations but hadn't given much thought to opening it up to the public. After much thought and prayers, we jumped in and started selling our beef directly to our consumers. Now more than 4 years later, we've learned a lot and have found joy in providing families a steady source of delicious, nutrient-rich beef. 

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