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Our Naturally Raised Beef

Our grass-finished beef is nutrient rich. They spend their lives grazing on high energy and nutrient rich grasses and cover crops. Close management and frequent moves to fresh paddocks allow the beef to stay healthy and full of healthy forage as they grow.  Due to this process, as winter approaches the beef become ready for harvest and provide a well marbled product with increased nutrients.

For our customers who prefer a grain-finished beef, we offer grain-finished beef to meet these needs. Our grain-finished beef are likewise managed very closely, spending their lives grazing on high energy and nutrient rich grasses and cover crops. In addition to their high quality forages, they are supplemented with grains grown on our own regenerative ranch. 


Our nutrient dense beef have increased nutrients such as:


A, B12, B6, E











Our Farming Practices

We are committed to regenerative agriculture. We use cover crops, no-till, and animal impact to further improve our soil health. Mother nature has long since used animal impact as a natural way to improve soil health. Our goal is to farm in mother nature's pattern as much as possible. We use multi-species in all of our grazing mixes that are focused on improving soil health and providing high amounts of natural energy to the animal. As soil health improves, plant life is able to increase in more natural vitamins and minerals. These patterns improve the soil by increasing the natural biology causing healthier plant life. As the beef we raise, graze on the healthier plant life and soil, it yields a healthier animal rich in vitamins and minerals.

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